Why is the site visit absolutely important before buying a residential property?


Investing in residential property? A site visit is immensely important that help you know the actual structure of the property or home you booked and check if there is any deviation from what you have been actually promised.

What you see is what you believe! Face to face encounter is one of the most significant steps involved in the home buying process and it shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. Investing in residential property involves a huge sum of money, therefore, one should be very careful in assessing the property before you all set to buy one. Visit the property site and understand what you intend to buy and get.

Here we list you some significant reasons why a site visit should be undertaken without exception.

  • Get to know about the amenities being offered by the project you planned to buy. Various lifestyle amenities like clubhouses, swimming pool, health centers, gyms, sports arenas, and community centers are being promised to offer when you book for an apartment or a residential property of any type. By taking a site visit, you may get to know if all these promised amenities are provided. Also, you can have a clear-cut through if the cost for these amenities are included in the cost of the apartment or charged separately.
  • The cost and quality of project construction and maintenance can be analyzed while going on a site visit. You may need to pay a higher maintenance cost if the project comprises plenty of amenities and if there are any spatial upkeep needs. Understand the background of this by going in person to the site and talking to the builder.
  • Check for the quality and brand of the electrical fittings in the house being constructed. Keeping a track of these will help you avoid any malfunction in the construction process that may defer the quality. See to the quality of repairs and speak to the developer if he will take the responsibility of repairs that might help you reduce your insurance costs.
  • Examine if there are any interest subvention schemes available, wherein the interest of the loans till possession is being offered to pay by the developer. This guarantees the on-time delivery of the project.
  • By taking a site visit, you can get a clear understanding of the developments happening in and around the locality and that might add up to the value of the property. The surroundings of the neighborhood, transportation and other utilities that you needed for a comfortable and peaceful living can be assessed.
  • Last but not least, the legality of the property is very well ascertained in a site visit. It is significant to understand and know all the legal documents and agreements are in place that let you have complete possession of your property. Check for the brochure, blueprint and the actual project plan when you visit the site and make sure there is no deviation in all these things.

Buying a home is not a simple thing to be carried out easily. It has to be carefully analyzed and assessed to avoid any misdeed. Site visits play a significant role in this process and help you buy your dream home or property the way you want it.

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